K-micro announces availability of burst-mode CDR for XGPON1 OLT applications

K-micro announces availability of burst-mode CDR for XGPON1 OLT applications

CDR SerDes PHY for XGPON1 OLT available for ASIC integration and as a standalone chip

San Jose, Calif. – April 18, 2011 –K-micro (Kawasaki Microelectronics America, Inc.), a leader in advanced PON ASICs, announced a new burst-mode CDR SerDes PHY for XGPON1 OLT applications. Available now in 65nm and 40nm process technologies for ASIC integration, this chip can lock to upstream data burst at 2.488 Gb/s in less than 16 bits. The new SerDes is also available as a standalone chip for supporting reference designs. In addition, the CDR SerDes can be configured to improve burst-mode lock time in OLT solutions for GPON standards operating at 1.25 Gb/s.

“Having a multi-function high performance SerDes will enable our customers to provide a wide range of solutions with a single chip,” said Dr. Vijay Pathak, US CTO of K-micro. “With the availability of the new CDR SerDes for XGPON, K-Micro ASIC solutions can cover all the PON standards – BPON, EPON, GPON, 10G EPON, and XGPON1. The company leads PON PHY technology with its world-fastest lock time, 50ns, CDR for 10G EPON OLT, and provides highly integrated ASIC solutions for PON applications. In the future, K-micro will extend this capability to even higher data rates and provide OLT SerDes solutions for next-generation XGPON1 networks.”

The SerDes has total flexibility and can be tailored according to optical transceiver characteristics and other system characteristics and latencies. The CDR has a high-jitter tolerance of 0.6 UI in burst mode operation enabling it to be used with a large variety of optical transceivers. Outside the burst-mode operation, the CDR works in continuous mode where it can tolerate even higher jitter.

Other key features include:

  1. Smart BIST – Ability to test in production a variety of test patterns which emulate a real system environment
  2. High-Jitter tolerance
  3. Low-Jitter generation
  4. Easily configured for all ONU and OLT applications in 10G XGPON1, GPON and EPON

The evaluation chips are available now and are available to qualified ASIC customers at no charge.

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