MegaChips Corporation and Kawasaki Microelectronics, Inc. to Merge

Osaka, Japan; San Jose, Calif., April 1, 2013—MegaChips Corporation and its wholly owned subsidiary, Kawasaki Microelectronics, Inc. announced they are officially merging today and the Kawasaki subsidiary will now operate under the MegaChips Technology America Corporation name.


  • Customers benefit by having access to the combined technologies of both companies and the strength of a unified development team
  • The combined R &D and engineering will enable faster product development and lower customer cost
  • New products that will result from the merger will include devices targeted at the Smart Grid for energy management, security, image processing, networking and communications products


“This merger will not only enable us to build a business portfolio with stable and continuous revenue and profits, but will also help us in worldwide expansion in areas such as product application, system planning and solution creation.”
Akira Takata, president of MegaChips Corporation

“MegaChips Technology America will be better positioned to provide our customers with faster access to the most advanced products and technology with a stronger and more advanced world-wide development team.”
Koichi Akeyama, president of MegaChips Technology America Corporation

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About MegaChips Technology America Corporation 
MegaChips, a fabless company, focuses on the development of system LSIs and systems products that incorporate original algorithms and architecture. Customers use MegaChips solutions for their office automation, networking and storage needs in a wide range of areas, including imaging, audio, home networking, power management, security and communications environments. The company is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with design centers in Osaka, Tokyo and Bangalore. For more information, contact the company at 408-570-0555, or visit


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