HD-PLC LON Architecture


HD-PLC technology as a communications media for LonWorks communication protocol

HD-PLC delivers bi-directional, high-speed, IP based communication over existing AC/DC power lines, as well as COAX and twisted pair wiring, when wider bandwidths, robustness, long-range, support for larger number of nodes, and highly secure network is required.

The MLKHN1501 utilizes ITU-T G.9905, a Centralized Matrix based Source Routing (CMSR) mechanism, to improve robustness, extend range, provide wider coverage, while placing minimum load on the network. Multi-hop based on CMSR extends the communication range up to 10 times.

Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM), with advanced Forward-Error-Correction (FEC) techniques provide robust data communication over channels with high noise, such as AC power lines.

Security is provided by a 128-bit AES encryption engine meeting today’s Internet-of-Things (IoT) requirements.

Supporting free-topology and plug and play functionality, HD-PLC makes it simple to build out any network in the shortest amount of time.

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Easylon Protocol Stack (EPOS)

EPOS is a full featured LON protocol stack based on ISO/IEC14908, running on a 32 bit microcontroller with internal FLASH and RAM memory. EPOS comes with a XIF generator, building a C frame code from your XIF file.


The LONCore platform combines the MLKHN1501 HD-PLC CPU with a cost effective STM32F09x 32 bit Cortex M0 as application CPU. The HD-PLC CPU runs a generic EPOS LON stack and is connected through a serial interface to the Host CPU, which runs the application specific code. The LONCore platform provides a number of GPIO’s to support various applications.


  • 32 Kbyte SRAM, 256 Kbyte Flash
  • 1 ADC, 2 DAC
  • 8 analog I/O, 8 digital I/O
  • 100-240 VAC
  • Up to 240V AC/DC PLC I/F

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The MLKHN1501 is the ideal solution for home and business lighting control and energy management.

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