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Going forward, MegaChips will continue the strategy to pursue two core businesses, ASSP & ASIC, expand the company global base, and build a strong foundation for employee’s professional growth.

Akira Takata President and CEO

Since our founding in 1990, we have taken pride in helping our customers gain a competitive edge by providing innovative products. At MegaChips, we are constantly refining and expanding our technological prowess in areas like image processing, audio, and telecommunications while building a solid and professional support structure covering all aspects of a modern and efficient supply chain for semiconductor devices, including planning, development and supply of system solutions.

MegaChips competitiveness has been and remains our teams ability to develop advanced algorithms and architecture and to design, develop, and supply innovative SoC’s that offer superior performance in a cost-effective manner. We accomplish this by integrating our deep understanding of customers’ applications with our own core technologies and skills.

Continuously seeking opportunities for further growth, MegaChips has been expanding globally anticipating and adapting to a changing market, customer base, and worldwide society. In addition to the ASIC (customer-specific IC’s) business for leading Japanese customers, which has been the company core business for the first two decades of its life, MegaChips has aggressively built and acquired capabilities to become a very focused and competitive ASSP (application-specific IC’s) partner for customers holding leadership market position on a global scale.

We have selected specifically five ASSP areas where we believe we can play a significant role into: Smart Connectivity ICs (based on the pervasive DisplayPort technology and enabling the industry migration towards USB Type-C universal connectivity), MEMS timing devices, thanks to the unique approach mastered by our subsidiary SiTime, Telecommunications ICs, where we plan to launch new access network products in addition to those for home networks enabling the delivery of premium services demanding an ever increasing data bandwidth, Timing Controller devices, addressing the challenges of the rising resolution, image quality, and power constraints of panels for mobile devices and TV sets, and Sensor management and processing devices for the IoT.

On the ASIC business side, MegaChips is fully committed and focused on providing highly optimized products to leading customers worldwide in various fields, including but not limited to game consoles, digital cameras, office machines, telecommunications, and Industrial equipment.

For both businesses, MegaChips is developing and building a very strong and diversified customer base through a clear high-value proposition in all pursued areas.

These strategies will enable MegaChips to deliver on its enormous potential and further grow its value for customers and investors worldwide.

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Feb 2016
Akira Takata
President and CEO