Who We Are

MegaChips is a creator of innovative semiconductor devices revolutionizing the image processing, gaming, audio, display, enterprise, home automation, and communications markets. We stand as a trusted and loyal partner to market leaders, delivering technology and expertise that enable products uniquely designed for people and engineered for performance.


Leading-edge Development Company

Our dedication to pushing boundaries and our investments in R&D have been generating numerous world-first technologies that enable customers and partners to offer unprecedented products that transform the world we live in. MegaChips is very proud of and is continuously adding to its reach patent portfolio covering application specific breakthroughs as well as techniques for digital and analog design.

MegaChips Core Technologies

The number of MegaChips patent registrations and applications*

Japan 1,203
USA 382
Asia 102
Europe 25
Other 26

Innovative ASSP Lineup

Our cutting-edge low-power technologies for video and signal processing, control and communications pave the way for products designed to transform the world we live in and power our advanced Application Specific Standard Products (ASSP) portfolio.

MegaChips’ ASSP's are at the heart of many popular products sitting around you in the office, at home, in your vehicles, in your city. We are using our knowledge and our talent to make electronics even more personal, going beyond the communication and computing strength of PCs and mobile devices, MegaChips is fulfilling the promises of IoT for technology we can wear, technology that makes our vehicles safer and more efficient, and technology that allow great progress in medicine and industry across the board. We strive to create the conditions for all of us to achieve healthier, safer and more fulfilling lives.

ASSP solutions of MegaChips

MegaChips Market Solutions

ASIC Solutions Service

MegaChips has a long tradition of very successful cooperation with industry leaders in designing and manufacturing custom integrated circuits and systems on chips. We are recognized for our very successful cooperation with industry leaders in designing and manufacturing these products.

Today, with complexity and cost targets commanding increasing integration and adoption of sophisticated techniques, we remain one of the few total ASIC solution providers that can handle all aspects of the process to meet today’s demanding requirements, from development through manufacturing and distribution with uncompromised sustainable quality.

Our ASIC development and support process is designed to optimize key project parameters starting from the very start of the project all through its successful completion. Working closely together with our customers and partners we encourage and pursue planning and development techniques that proved over many designs to optimize functionality, ensure quality, reduce costs and facilitate production.

MegaChips service and support

MegaChips Market Solutions