BlueChip Complete Evaluation Kits

Everything you need to evaluate our HD-PLC solution for your next generation high-speed networks.

Upgrading to HD-PLC is Easy

Ready to upgrade to megabit speeds, IPv6-enabled communication, and more? Order your BlueChip "Complete" EVK today to get all the hardware, software, and documentation you need to easily evaluate system performance.

What's included:

  • 2 Evaluation Units
  • 2 Breakout Boards
  • 120V/230VAC Adaptor
  • RS-485 Connector Plug
  • PLC Connector Plug
  • MegaChips BCPNM Suite
  • Documentation
  • Online Support

BCPNM Suite: Powerful network management software

Comprehensive set of hardware and software design tools provides everything you need to design our HD-PLC solution into your next-gen, high-speed wireline devices.

The MegaChips BCPNM Suite gives you the tools you need to quickly setup, configure, monitor, troubleshoot, and manage complex networks.

  • Microsoft® Windows® 10 Professional
  • Display Network Topology
  • Monitor and Set Up HD-PLC Devices on the Network
  • Acquisition/Display the TX/RX PHY Rate
  • Acquisition/Display of CINR
  • Acquisition/Display of AGC Gain
  • Acquisition/Display of Static Transmission Information
  • Wave CINR Function

Software Development Kit

An SDK (sold separately) is also available to qualified customers with the purchase of one of our EVKs. It includes a comprehensive hardware design guide, reference designs, source code, and a production test program to get you to market faster.

Contact for a quota and how to qualify.

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Bluechip "Complete" Evaluation Kit

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