Upgrade your wireline network with faster, more secure communications.


Two Options. Speed and Range.

MegaChips’ BlueChip HD-PLC solutions are built for speed and range. They employ the latest broadband technologies to reliably deliver high-speed, bidirectional, IP-based communications over AC and DC powerlines, coax, and twisted-pair.

Designers of large, industrial IoT networks will benefit from HD-PLC with “Multi-hop.” This innovative technology enables any node to act as a repeater, dramatically increasing communications robustness and range. With Multi-hop, users enjoy data rates above 10Mbps over several kilometers of cables.

For even faster speeds, system designers should use HD-PLC “Complete.” This product line strips out Multi-hop functionality to give you the fastest HD-PLC communication possible. Capable of delivering high-definition video, Internet, and other large streams of data, HD-PLC complete is perfect for your bandwidth-hungry applications.

Smart Features Enable Smarter Devices

  • Data rate up to 240Mbps (PHY) enables smarter applications
  • Multihop capability supports up to 1024 nodes and 10km range
  • Free topology simplifies network design and deployment
  • AES-128 encryption secures each node in the network
  • Ethernet and serial bridging simplifies integration of devices and networks
  • Low power consumption reduces total energy footprint


Discover the Amazing Benefits of HD-PLC


Read the white paper to learn how HD-PLC
can help you break through cost
and bandwidth barriers in Smart Buildings. 


Learn how Nuri Telecom used HD-PLC to
create a faster, more stable and lower cost
smart meter network. 


Upgrading to HD-PLC Is Easy

Both solutions are fully IEEE 1901 compliant. They combine MegaChips’ state-of-the-art analog front-end (AFE) with baseband, physical (PHY), and media access control (MAC) layers in a single compact package. A complete suite of development resources are available to accelerate your time to market.

View the Datasheet

HD-PLC SoC with Multihop and integrated SDRAM (MLKHN1501)
HD-PLC SoC Complete with integrated SDRAM (MLKHN1500)
HD-PLC SoC with Multihop (KL5BPLC250WMP)
HD-PLC SoC Complete (KL5BPLC200WMP)


Get to Market Faster with BlueChip Design Resources

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Evaluation Kits

Evaluation Kits
Get the hardware, software, and documentation you need to easily set-up and evaluate system performance. The included BlueChip PLC Network Manager makes it easy to configure, monitor, and manage complex networks.
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Software Development Kit

Software Development Kit
Give your software developers a jumpstart with sample firmware and sample external command programs. The BlueChip SDK makes evaluation easy with tools for power control, channel monitoring, net test, and more.

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