The new LonMark standard for high-speed wireline communications


More data, faster decision making. HD-PLC makes LonWorks systems smarter.

For the first time in nearly three decades, LonMark has adopted a new standard for wireline communications. HD-PLC provides LON systems with an instant speed upgrade—from just kilobits to megabits—without needing to add or replace wiring. Now you can add more nodes, integrate more systems, and make your smart city and smart building applications…smarter.

Free Topology

Smarter, bigger, stronger. Free topology is now better than ever.

HD-PLC brings the latest advances in centralized matrix-based source routing (CMSR) to free topology. You get the plug-and-play simplicity of a self-optimizing mesh network, plus the added range and robustness of multihop technology that enables any node to act as a repeater. Multihop based on CMSR can extend communication range up to 10 times, making it perfect for large smart city and smart building deployments.


Cybersecurity is now standard.

With growing threats inside and outside of firewalls, cybersecurity is no longer optional. That’s why LonMark selected HD-PLC. A built-in AES-128 encryption engine brings security to every node to meet the cybersecurity demands of modern industrial IoT applications.

Cyber Security
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Developing HD-PLC LON systems is simple with the Easylon Protocol Stack (EPOS).

Developed by Gesytec, EPOS makes it easy to integrate new HD-PLC systems into LonWorks control networks. EPOS is a full-featured LON protocol stack based on ISO/IEC14908, running on a 32-bit microcontroller with internal FLASH and RAM memory. EPOS comes with a XIF generator, building a C frame code from your XIF file.


Discover the power of LONCore.

The LONCore platform makes it easy to upgrade smart city and smart building applications to HD-PLC. The platform combines the MLKHN1501 HD-PLC SoC with a cost-effective STM32F09x 32-bit Cortex M0 as the application CPU. The HD-PLC SoC runs a generic EPOS LON stack and is connected through a serial interface to the Host CPU, which runs the application-specific code. The LONCore platform includes multiple GPIOs to support various application requirements.


  • 32 Kbyte SRAM
  • 256 Kbyte Flash
  • 1 ADC, 2 DAC
  • 8 analog I/O, 8 digital I/O
  • 100-240 VAC
  • Up to 240V AC/DC PLC I/F


Download the HD-PLC LON Brochure >>
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Faster, more secure, lower cost. HD-PLC sets a new standard for smart city applications.