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Faster, more secure, lower cost. HD-PLC sets a new standard for smart city applications.

HD-PLC meets the demands of next-gen high-speed wireline networks

More data, more nodes, and more value. Today's industrial IoT, smart building and smart city applications have placed unprecedented demands on control networks, stretching serial buses—and deployment budgets—to their limits.

HD-PLC solves these challenges by combining two international standards (IEEE 1901 and ITU-T G.9905) into one powerful technology. Capable of achieving PHY speeds up to 240Mbps over any wired channel (including twisted pair, COAX, Ethernet, phone, and powerlines), HD-PLC is the clear choice for next-gen applications.

It's no surprise that LonMark adopted HD-PLC as the new standard for high-speed, long-range wireline networks—and the other major protocols are quickly following suit. HD-PLC is fast, cost-effective, and easy to design in and deploy.

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PHY rates up to 240Mbps give you plenty of bandwidth to deliver whatever data you need, even video. With HD-PLC, you're able to deliver sophisticated new use cases and ROI-enhancing features to your customers.

Design bigger, faster networks

An innovative multi-hop/mesh capability allows any device to act as a repeater. Capable of up to 10 hops, HD-PLC supports up to 1024 nodes, eliminating costly gateway devices and easily meeting the demands of next-gen applications.

Reduce deployment costs

HD-PLC supports IPv6 over twisted-pair, coax, power lines and any other type of cable. This enables you to design bigger networks, with more throughput, using your existing wiring infrastructure for reduced material and labor costs. Just what you need for retrofit applications.

Accelerate installation

HD-PLC offers the convenience of mesh networking with support for any topology (bus, daisy chain, star, etc.). This eliminates the complexities of network planning and commissioning. Installation is as simple as plugging in and powering the devices.

Expend IP to endpoint

Built-in Ethernet-to-serial bridging allows HD-PLC to be used in place of the costly gateways required by other technologies. Now you can extend IP all the way to endpoints for seamless integration into other IP-based systems.

Secure it all

Low-bandwidth solutions don't just rob you of speed—they leave you vulnerable to cyberattacks. That's where HD-PLC excels. Crypto-strong AES-128 encryption is built in, so you can protect every node in your network.

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