Megabit data rates on any wire. IP-based mesh networking. Crypto-strong encryption. Join Engenuity, MegaChips and Gesytec to learn the many reasons why LonMark chose HD-PLC as the new standard for long-range, high-speed wireline communications—and discover how easy it is to create an HD-PLC LON node without a Neuron chip.

If you attended you learned:
✔ The four key reasons LonMark adopted a new wireline communications standard
✔ How to instantly upgrade to megabit data rates without replacing a single cable
✔ What multi-hop technology is—and the three key advantages it brings to LON networks
✔ The easiest way to build faster, larger, and more secure smart building networks 

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Michael Navid, VP Marketing & Business Development, MegaChips America Corporation
Michael is an accomplished business executive who has spent the last 15 years working to advance the communications technologies needed to build a smarter planet. The original founder of the G3-PLC Alliance, he was a key contributor in the evolution of G3-PLC as the premier communications technology for smart grids. Today, Michael is applying his experience and energy to bringing the benefits of HD-PLC to smart cities and smart buildings.
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Matthias Lürkens, CTO, Gesytec GmbH; Vice-Chairman LonMark International
Matthias is the CTO of Gesytec GmbH, and has been a board member and a member of the IoT task group of LonMark Germany since 2014. Since 2016 he has been the Vice-Chairman of LonMark International and a technical associate of IFSF.
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