KHN1132 Analog Front End IC


The KHN1132 is a highly integrated analog front-end IC (AFE) for the home networking applications such as, HomePNA or Powerline communication. Data rates up to 200MSPS are supported in both Rx and Tx path. The on-chip PLL multiplier and synthesizer provide all the required clock signals from a single crystal or clock source.
The functional block diagram of the KHN1132 is shown below. The Tx signal path consists of a x2 low-pass interpolation filter, 12-bit 400MSPS DAC, and line driver (Iamp). The Rx signal path consists of a programmable gain amplifier (PGA), a 400MSPS ADC and a decimation filter to generate a 200MSPS digital output word.

A 3.125GHz AFE SerDes interface (ASI) with the digital back-end provides 200MSPS data rate. Not only digital data transfer but also commands can be sent via ASI.


  • Home Networking Analog Front End IC covering full spec
  • High resolution and wide frequency range
  • Up to 200MSPS data rate (half-duplex)
Tx path
  • 12bit 400MSPS DAC
  • x2 interpolation filter
  • Integrated 160mA line driver with 28.6dB gain control
Rx path
  • 12bit 400MSPS ADC
  • / 2 decimation filter
  • -18 dB to +42dB low-noise PGA
  • LPF with 90MHz cut-off frequency
  • Internal clock multiplier (PLL)
  • 3.125Gbps AFE Serial Interface (ASI)
  • Integrated fine and accurate foreground calibration on Tx and Rx path
  • 88 Quad Flat No-Lead package (QFN)
  • Industrial Temp range (-40 ~+85⁰C)

Block Diagram

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