KHN11401 Analog Front End IC


The KHN11401 is a highly integrated analog front-end IC for the home networking applications such as Power-line communication(PLC), Smart Grid and is the ideal for IEEE1901 the international standard for PLC communications. Data rate is supported up to 80MSPS and 160MSPS in Rx path and TX path, respectively. The digital interface provides full-duplex and half-duplex operation. Interfacing can be either binary or twos compliment, LSB or MSB first. A serial peripheral interface (SPI) allows software programmability of the front-end. An on-chip PLL multiplier and synthesizer provide all the required clock signals from a single crystal or clock source.

The functional block diagram of the KHN11401 is shown below. The Tx signal path consists of a bypassable x2 low-pass interpolation filter, 10-bit TxDAC and a current amplifier (IAMP). The output current of KHN11401 can deliver up to 20mA full scale. Tx power can be controlled over a 7.5dB range in 0.5dB steps.

The Rx signal path consists of a programmable gain amplifier (RxPGA), LPF and a 10-bit ADC. The low-noise RxPGA has a programmable gain range of -18dB to +41dB in 1dB steps. Its input referred noise is less than 4nV/√Hz for gain settings beyond 30dB.

The KHN11401 is available in a 64 Exposed Quad Flat No-lead package, and are specified over the industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C


  • Low cost 1.2V/3.3V CMOS Home Networking Analog Front End IC
  • Low power consumption
  • Up to 80MSPS data rate
Tx path
  • x2 interpolation filter
  • 10bit-160MSPS DAC
  • 20mA signal power with 7.5dB gain control
Rx path
  • 10bit 80MSPS ADC
  • -18 dB to +41dB low-noise RxPGA
  • 14MHz - 52MHz configurable LPF cutoff frequency
Digital data path interface
  • Half- and full-duplex operation
  • Internal clock multiplier (PLL)

Block Diagram