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We bring your ideas to Silicon

Create what you imagine and transform the world we live in with MegaChips ASIC technology

MegaChips Solutions

From Turnkey to COT

MegaChips provides complete services from traditional ASIC to COT. Your specification or GDSII tapes are quickly converted into finished products and production shipments. The choice between traditional ASIC and COT is easier than ever. MegaChips offers complete turn-key services and can provide chip development services from your specification, RTL, or Netlist. With our COT services we provide complete back-end services from wafer fabrication to production shipments.

MegaChips Solutions

We bring your ideas to Silicon

MegaChips has the solution from Turnkey designs to COT

Why MegaChips For Your ASIC/SoC?

MegaChips offers

  • Full Service Semiconductor Supplier
    • 26 years experience with ~1,500 designs
    • Stable long term business model
    • Flexible engagement model
  • Extensive Expertise and Engineering resources
    • Access to US engineering and Global expertise
    • Fab and Manufacturing expertise
  • Access to extensive eco system and IPs
    • Proven ability to deliver customer specific IP
    • Proven 1st time success track record
  • Single point of contact for all aspects of SoC development
    • Design Methodology, IP’s ( design qualification, integration)
    • Wafer Manufacturing, Assembly, Test
    • Product engineering, Quality & Reliability
    • WW Supply chain management


  • Highly efficient manufacturing, focused on core competencies (design center, full-custom IP development, including SerDes, quality and reliability and supply chain management)
  • Economies-of-scale via large unit volumes shipped to consumer and LCD display customers (leads to lower costs)

ASIC Turnkey Services

ASIC COT Services