Advanced Packaging Technology

In many modern ASICs, the design of the package is as important as the design of the ASIC itself.  MegaChips has extensive packaging experience, including:

  • High-performance, flip-chip BGAs with ball counts in excess of 2000 balls,
  • Multi-chip modules (MCMs) – multiple die in a single package
  • Multi-package modules (MPMs) – multiple packaged devices put together in a single package

Stacked BGAs

MegaChips designs redistribution layers (RDLs) and BGA substrates itself, ensuring the final packaged device performs as expected.   Design techniques we employ in RDL and substrate design include:

  • Using substrate routing to overcome RDL trace length differences
  • Specifying tolerances for substrate routing – example, Bus[31:0] to be within 1 mm of each other
  • Using zig-zag routing to match lengths between different signals

Figure 1: MegaChips RDL Routing


Figure 2: MegaChips Substrate Routing


Figure 3:  MegaChips MPM


Figure 4:  MegaChips Stacked BGA