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Why MegaChips For Your ASIC/SoC?

Advanced ASIC technology:

  • Leading Global Semiconductor Supplier
    • 26 years experience with ~1,500 designs
    • Stable long term business model
    • Flexible engagement model
  • Extensive Expertise and Engineering resources
    • Access to US engineering and Global expertise
    • Fab and Manufacturing expertise
  • Access to extensive eco system and IPs
    • Proven ability to deliver customer specific IP
    • Proven 1st time success track record
  • Single point of contact for all aspects of SoC development
    • Design Methodology, IP’s ( design qualification, integration)
    • Wafer Manufacturing, Assembly, Test
    • Product engineering, Quality & Reliability
    • WW Supply chain management


  • Highly efficient manufacturing, focused on core competencies (design center, full-custom IP development, including SerDes, quality and reliability and supply chain management)
  • Economies-of-scale via large unit volumes shipped to consumer and LCD display customers (leads to lower costs)