STDP2500 Mobility DisplayPort1.2a to DisplayPort Converter


The STDP2500 is a Mobility DisplayPort to standard DisplayPort converter targeted for Mobile Phones, Tablets and cable accessory applications. The STDP2500 is a VESA Mobility DisplayPort (MyDP) standard compliant device, implementing a single lane DisplayPort receiver and AUX_HPD. The output port comprises a standard DisplayPort 1.2a compliant transmitter with four main lanes, AUX channel, and HPD signal. This device functions as DP link rate (HBR2 to HBR or RBR) and lane change converter from 1 lane to 4 lanes with re-timer function.

The DisplayPort receiver supports single AV stream at HBR2 speed, a data rate of 5.4 Gbps per lane. The DisplayPort output is a four lanes differential output capable of operating either at HBR2, HBR or RBR data rate. It can deliver 1080p 60 Hz video with a color depth of 24 bits per pixel and audio up to 8 channels at 192 Kb sample rate from a MyDP source to DisplayPort sink devices. STDP2500 provides HDCP 1.x content protection both on the input and output port thus functions as HDCP repeater. It also supports the eDP authentication option ASSR (Alternative Scrambler Seed Reset) for embedded applications.

The MyDP standard is a digital audio-video interconnect based on the VESA DisplayPort standard for a mobile source device capable of streaming uncompressed audio and video. It uses standard 5-pin micro-USB or similar connectors commonly seen in mobile Phones and tablets for simultaneously charging and streaming audio-video to an external display.

This device has an on-chip microcontroller with an optional SPI and I2C host interface for system configuration purpose. The STDP2500 implements a sink detection and monitoring feature that automatically puts the device into low power operation whenever the sink is disconnected. An STDP2500 based accessory (dongle) is powered from the downstream sink. In addition, DisplayPort1.2a compliant sinks in general are capable of charging the mobile source.



  • Mobility DisplayPort1.2a receiver
  • Standard DisplayPort1.2a transmitter
  • Link rate and lane count converter with re-timer
  • Max video resolution 1080p 60Hz
  • Steroscopic 3D forwarding
  • HDCP1.x repeater with embedded keys
  • ASSR- eDP display authentication
  • Spread spectrum on DisplayPort interface for EMI reduction
  • Deep color support- RGB/YCbCr up to 16bits per color
  • Powered from MyDP source or DP sink
  • Power consumption: Active 290mW; Standby 21mW
  • 81 BGA (5mm x 5mm) package

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