Advanced Communication Technology For Tomorrow’s Smart Cities

K-micro Products

Greater flow of information through the cloud for IoT communication is driving the demand for higher bandwidths, robustness, coverage, ability to support larger number of nodes, and highly secure networks. Another important factor is of course cost. This is especially true in larger Smart City applications such as smart grids, building automation, street/public lighting, smart homes, security/surveillance and many others where a new network must be deployed.

There are many options available to System Integrators - from installing highly complex wireless networks, to very costly wire line installations. When we look at all of the key system requirements - from an end-application point-of-view, and when deciding which technology best fits todays requirements - the one technology that stands out is broadband PLC (Power Line Communication).

MegaChips offers a line of power line communication technology that solves today’s demanding IoT communication requirements.

MegaChips Products:

KL5BPLC250WMP BlueChip Multi-hop

KL5BPLC250WMP is a PLC device that support Multi-hopping to greatly extend the range and number of nodes on a powerline network

KL5BPLC200WMP Single Chip IEEE 1901 compliant HD-PLC

KL5BPLC200WMP is the world’s first fully compliant IEEE 1901 single chip HD-PLC Powerline Communications (PLC) IC. It provides the smallest form factor, highest performance and lowest power of any available PLC solution.

KHN13100 Chip Set IEEE1901 compliant HD-PLC

KHN13100 Chip Set is a Powerline Communications chip set that conforms to the HD-PLC specification with full compliance to the IEEE 1901 BPL standards for Broadband Communications over Power Lines.