KHN13100 Chip Set IEEE1901 compliant HD-PLC


KHN13100 Chip Set is a Powerline Communications chip set that conforms to the HD-PLC specification with full compliance to the IEEE 1901 BPL standards for Broadband Communications over Power Lines. IEEE 1901 specifies Wavelet as a modulation technique approved for delivering robust communications, superb noise immunity and quality of service over Power lines. The KHN13100 implements the ISP coexistence mechanism defined in IEEE 1901 allowing interoperability among the BPL devices as well as coexistence with other networking protocols.

Applications include broadband multimedia distribution, home networking, IPTV, Smart Energy management, data networking and distributions while providing optimized low power consumption. The KHN13100 chip set is ideally suited for both broadband access as well as in home networking applications.

The chip set includes the KHN13100 that contains an integrated processor to control the MAC/PHY and the KHN11121 a highly integrated Analog Front End (AFE).

Block Diagram


KHN13100 (Baseband Processor)

  • IEEE1901 compliant MAC/PHY with 32bit RISC processor
  • Maximum PHY rate: 240Mbps
  • Power consumption: 450mW @full operation
  • QoS Support for high definition AV
  • 128-bit AES for secure communications
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40 to 85C
  • TQFP128 (14mm x 14mm) package

KHN11121 (Analog Front End)

  • 10bit DAC: 160MSPS update rate
  • x2 Interpolation filter
  • 10bit ADC: 80MSPS conversion rate
  • -18 dB to +41dB low-noise RxPGA( < 3nV/√Hz )
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40 to 85C
  • VQFN64 (9mm x 9mm) package


Software Development Kit(SDK)

Software development kit for product design, evaluation, and verification are provided. Sample programs and a tool manager are also provided for reduce the development time and simplify the evaluation.


SDK Contents

  • Master ROM tools
  • Sample firmware
  • External command datasheet
  • External command sample program
  • Tool Manager
    • Power Control tool
    • Channel Monitor tool
  • Net Test Tool

Reference Design

Reference Design is provided and it helps to shorten the period of development. The reference design includes the following items as well as applications support during the development including design reviews for both schematic and layout.

  • Schematic
  • Layout
  • BOM
  • Hardware application notes


Product Brochure
Data Brief

Evaluation documents

Product Evaluation Brochure