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MLKHN1500 Single Chip IEEE 1901
Compliant HD-PLC


MLKHN1500 is the world’s first fully compliant IEEE 1901 HD-PLC Power line Communications (PLC) solution delivering bi-directional, IP based, high-speed communication over AC/DC power lines, COAX and twisted pair wiring, where wider bandwidths, robustness, long-range, support for larger number of nodes, and highly secure network is required.

The MLKHN1500 combines the Physical (PHY), Media-Access-Control (MAC), 128Mb SDRAM, and a fully integrated Analog-Front-End (AFE) with high precision A/D, D/A data converters and programmable gain amplifiers (PGA) in a single compact package. The modem is based on an Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM), using advanced Forward-Error-Correction (FEC) techniques to allow the most robust data communication over poor channels, especially in environments with high implosive noise such as the harsh AC power lines. Security is provided by an 128-bit AES encryption engine meeting today’s Internet-of-Things (IoT) requirements.

Evaluation boards, reference design, Software Development Kits (SDK) and Hardware Development Kits (HDK) are now available to help speed up your evaluation and development projects.


  • Low Power consumption
  • HD-PLC/Ethernet bridge
    • Ethernet⇔Ethernet
    • RS485⇔RS485
  • High noise immunity
  • High quality of service (QoS)
  • Supports IPv4/IPv6 internet protocol
  • On-chip PLL
  • Network construction and optimization
  • Free topology network
  • Advanced diagnostics and management
  • Industrial Temp range (-40°C to +85°C)


  • Smart Grid/AMI
  • Smart Buildings/Homes
  • Video-Entry Systems
  • Security/Surveillance
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • HVAC
  • Industrial Automation
  • Solar Inverters

Block Diagram

Key Specifications

PLC Frequency 2-28MHz Interface MII/rMII, UART
Modulation Wavelet OFDM Power Full 570mW (Typ)
PHY/MAC IEEE1901 full compliant Power Save 120mW (Typ)
Phy rate 240Mbps Supply Voltage 1.2, 3.3V
FEC LDPC-CC Temp Range -40~85°C
16KB instruct. cache
Security AES-128 bit
System Clock 125MHz Package BLGA 238pin
18 X 15mm

Evaluation Kit

MegaChips offers a comprehensive set of tools to help customers shorten their design time.

Our evaluation kit includes all the hardware, software, and documentation to easily set-up and evaluate the performance of the system under various conditions and configurations. The included BlueChip PLC Network Manager helps customers to configure, monitor and manage complex networks.

MegaChips offer various reference designs to qualified customers including schematics, layout, BoM and technical support.


Software Development Kit

Software Contents:

Master ROM tools
  • Master ROM image generation tool
  • External command sample program
Evaluation tools
  • Tool Manager
    • Power Control tool
    • Channel Monitor tool
  • Net test tool

Ordering Information

SDRAM Part Number
128Mbit SDRAM MLKHN1500A


Product Brochure

Product Evaluation Kit

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