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KL5BVCX400WMP VoC - Video over Coax


Simplify the migration of analog cameras to IP cameras using our advanced VoC (Video over Coax) and CPoC (Camera Power over Coax) technologies.

The BlueChip-VoC and CPoC bridges enable fast and easy upgrades from analog to IP cameras, by utilizing existing coax cable, eliminating the need to add new Ethernet cable or remove the old coax cable. The high bandwidth of the VoC technology enables multiple HD streams to be transmitted over the cable and offers support for 20 IP cameras depending on resolution and distance.

Installation is simple and cameras can easily be dynamically added and/or removed without affecting the rest of the system. For systems utilizing the CPoC features, there is no need to provide additional power to the cameras so no external power supply is required for up to 40 Watts of power at 500M. The VoC can also be configured to provide PoE or 12V DC power to a camera. 


  • Support for over 20 IP cameras over a single coax cable
  • PoE Support to power camera
  • CPoC support to send power of coax (40W @ 500M)
  • Long range up to 2KM @30Mbps
  • Easy to dynamically add and remove cameras
  • Maximum PHY rate: 240Mbps
  • Low Power consumption:
  • 0.4W @full operation
  • 0.07W @power save mode
  • QoS Support for high definition AV
  • 128-bit AES for secure communications
  • Industrial temp range (-40 to 85°C

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