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BlueChip VoC Evaluation kit BCP-VC-E01

The BCP VoC Evaluation kit contains both a VoC master and Voc terminal implemented with the KL5BVCX400WMP Video over Coax chip. The Evaluation kit supports PoE (Power over Ethernet and PoC (Power over coax) and can support up to 16 HD camera's connected to a single master. The Evaluation kit contains the software necessary to evaluate the performance of the adapters with a variety of configurations and cameras.


BCP-VC-E01 Evaluation Board Manual BCP-VC-E01 Evaluation Board Manual (690 KB)

BCP VoC Master Schematic BCP VoC Master Schematic (249 KB)

BCP VoC Master BOM BCP VoC Master BOM (40 KB)

BCP VoC Terminal schematic BCP VoC Terminal schematic (237 KB)

BCP VoC Terminal BOM BCP VoC Terminal BOM (40 KB)

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