MCDP2900 Reference Design 2

The MCDP2900 is MegaChips’ latest generation DisplayPort converter series product that features a DisplayPort1.4 compatible receiver and an HDMI 2.0b compliant transmitter.

The RD2-2900 board is intended for product evaluation and testing. The board contains the MCDP2900 A2 silicon with a standard DisplayPort connector that feeds the AV input, a standard HDMI connector for AV output, and a micro USB connector for powering. The board also includes a 27 MHz crystal that feeds the reference clock to MCDP2900, an SPI flash for storing the firmware, a reset switch and power regulators (3 V and 1.2 V). There are two optional connectors, UART and an I2C slave interface port. The UART connector is operational only with MCDP2900 FX part (applicable for development purpose) for firmware download and debug purpose. UART port is not accessible in production silicon for security reasons. The I2C port can be used for configuring MCDP2900 from external host controller.


RD2-2900_SCH RD2-2900_SCH (61 KB)

RD2-2900_BOM RD2-2900_BOM (76 KB)

RD2-2900_Board_User_Guide RD2-2900_Board_User_Guide (202 KB)